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My hubby as well as I have been striving to conceive since we got married 5 years ago. Thankfully, we are both healthy. Our physician explained to us it must be stress preventing us from conceiving. In order to alleviate stress, I started running. Considering that there are evenings my hubby can not join me, he purchased me a jogger pepper spray for personal defense. Jogger defense sprays were developed particularly for runners, joggers as well as other outdoor sport or activity aficionados. These kinds of folks would not mind holding one around considering that this would be really useful as well as user-friendly. Because this would commonly be little in size, this makes it a lot more hassle-free for runners to lug around. Little defense sprays may be brought quickly considering that they are light in weight as well as can go with little pockets. They supply that element of surprise to assaulters considering that they may be hidden within the hand. My Pepper Mace Spray Jogger Model could be brought as a key chain, attached utilizing a belt clip or carried within the hand with the aid of a Velcro-like strap. Its flip-top security top easily stops unexpected discharge. This consists of 18 grams of defense spray or 2 % oleoresin capsicum, that produces 10 to 20 quick bursts which can reach 8 to 12 feet. Defense spray creates unpleasant burning feelings within the eyes as well as on the skin of the target. Even though its results are simply momentary, they are sufficient to disable an assaulter for a brief time period. The target must utilize this window of opportunity to run away as well as call for assistance. I was on my routine evening run the second a very terrifying female yanked my hair. She appeared deranged. I was uncertain if she was actually intoxicated, however she appeared like she was all set to eat me alive. As soon as I realized she was a whole lot stronger compared to I was, as well as I could not get away from her quickly, I grabbed my jogger pepper spray quietly and hit the female with all my might.